“Tell me what you’re looking for support with…”

Dr. Kari O’Neill, is based in Issaquah, WA & offers counseling in a supportative environment.


Treatment Specialization

offered to ages 14+

Depression, Anxiety, & Stress Management


Life Transitions

Chronic Health Issues

Grief Counseling and End of Life Support

Executive Coaching for Physicians

Located in Issaquah

1301 4th Ave. NW
Suite 103
Issaquah 98027

Hi, I’m Kari

I am an interactive, solution-focused therapist who provides support and practical feedback to help patients move their lives forward.

I have a Doctorate of Social Work. I am the previous owner and clinical director of a private mental health group practice that had over 20,000 patient visits before transitioning from a group practice into Kari O’Neill Counseling in 2022. I am an affiliated medical staff member with Swedish Issaquah.

Voted an Issaquah Highlands Connections Newspaper fan favorite.

Ask Kari: How can I convince my friend to stop over-sharing details of his personal life on Facebook?

Ask Kari: How can I convince my friend to stop over-sharing details of his personal life on Facebook?

My friend overshares on Facebook. He posts everything, I mean everything about his life. Where he had lunch, what the doctor told him, where he spent his day, how he feels about politics, what happened when he went out on a date, his feelings about his ex, his job, etc. I have tried to suggest that he cut back on what he shares, but he will not listen. I am worried that people are judging him, even mocking him for his poor choices in life. How can I get through to my friend that he needs to stop it?

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Ask Kari: How can I motivate my adult daughter to move out?

Ask Kari: How can I motivate my adult daughter to move out?

My adult daughter lives with us, but she is driving me crazy. She graduated from college but is not motivated to use her degree for a career. She works two part-time jobs (she only works 20-25 hours a week), but mostly watches Netflix all day. What can I do to motivate her to move on and start her life?

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“My goal is to help people see their worth”


–Kari O’Neill
What I want patients to know:

1. They matter

2. Their feelings are normal

3. They can move their life forward

4. Say the whole thing

5. Living well is a daily practice

"Dr. O’Neill provides a safe space to talk out concerns. She gives me actionable ideas to work through challenging issues."

“Kari’s support, experience, and expertise helped me directly to deal with a huge family problem. The jury isn’t in yet as far as the results of my actions, but at least I know I did the right thing for my family member. I am so grateful!”

"She is open, honest, caring, very easy to talk to."

"Always so thoughtful and kind!! And has helped me a lot with my issues!"

"Kari is like visiting with a friend, an honest friend. Someone who challenges you to see a situation or circumstance for what it really is and then helps you troubleshoot through it. Guiding you to healthy new boundaries and giving you the confidence to keep those boundaries in place."

"Kari is an excellent health care provider and I would recommend her services to anyone I know."

"Kari has been not only my therapist but good friend. Her help has given me a much more positive attitude about life problems. She always has the answers I need to hear. I highly recommend Kari!"

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